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Products > Esd Products

Antistatic Pink Finger Cot
Anti static Yes
Powder-free Yes
Quality standard MIL-STD-105E
Average Surface Resistivity <1010 Ohms/Square
Tribo charge <20 volts
Average Tensile Strength 20 MPa Mnm.
Cot style Rolled
Length 2.6” long (65 mm)
Thickness 4 mill (0.12 mil)
Size M, L, XL
Package 1440 pcs / bag
Anti Static finger cots are Powder Free and are made of 100% latex material. These finger cots meet MIL-STD-105E for holes, tear, stains and Electrostatic properties. 
ESD Shoes
PRODUCT: Static Dissipative PU Shoes, 2T design   
This shoe has a two-piece construction of PVC top material and a unique one piece molded static dissipative PU sole. This one-piece sole design allows human body static charges to dissipate via the insole to the floor. This design does not utilize any copper foil for adhering the insole to the outer sole for electrical conductivity.
  • Single Piece Molded Sole

  • Excellent Electrical Properties

  • Non-Marking, Non-Slip Sole.

  • Machine Washable

  • Better cushion at insole and heel portion

Materials Sole Static Dissipative PU
Surface Resistivity Sole 1.0 × 10E7 to 1.0 × 10E10 ohm/sq
Resistance to ground 1.0 × 10E6 to 1.0 × 10E9 ohm
Color Sole White
Top White
220, 225, 230, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, 275, 280,285, 290, 295 and 300 mm
ESD Floor and Table Mat
Our ESD Table/Floor Mats has two co-extruded layer construction; top layer is durable static dissipative rubber and bottom layer is durable non-skid conductive rubber. Two layer are strongly cohered to be one body. This non-curling mat is the most economical solution for a static safe work area.
Material: Rubber
Surface Resistivity : Top Layer-107 to 109ohm/sq
Bottom Layer-104 to 105ohm/sq
Decay Test: 5KV - 0V less than 0.1 second
Green/Black, Blue/Black, Grey/Black(Available in Glossy and Non-Glossy Finishings)
Size: 1m X 10m X 2mm(T)
To be used in areas or workstations that are sensitive to Electrostatic Charges.
ESD Grounding Cord
ESD Heel Strap
The foot grounders provide a continuous ground path between the operator and a properly grounded ESD protected flooring. Foot grounders are designed for use in applications where user mobility is required, such as wave solder, kitting, and quality control. Foot grounders quickly and effectively drain the static charges which collect on personnel during normal, everyday activities.
1. Two foot grounders are recommended for reliable grounding and ESD protection, providing ground when one foot is off the floor.
2. The grounding tab should be tucked inside the shoe with as much contact area as possible to the bottom of the stockinged foot. Foot grounders rely upon the perspiration layer inside of the shoe to make contact through the stocking.
3. Operator is grounded when foot is in contact with grounded dissipative or conductive flooring.
4. For most applications, a current limiting resistor in series with the grounding tab is recommended.
5. It is not recommended to use foot grounders where exposure to line voltages above250V AC is possible.
1.0.070'' thick, 1.5'' with, three layer laminated, rubber sole. White Color inner layer is insulative styrene-butadiene-rubber. Outer black colored layer is conductive styrene-butadiene rubber.
2.Burgundy, grounding polyester ribbon tab, 18''/30'' long with 8 conductive nylon strands, two-sided reversible, may be positioned on either side of foot.
3. Built in 1 Meg ohm resistor.
4. No Silicone is used in the materials that make our foot grounders
Wrist Strap
Wrist Band
  • Elastic and adjustable with conductive filament

  • 10mm stainless steel snap stud

Coil Cord
  • Polyurethene cable(8ft of 12ft) with 4mm banana jack and banana clip at one end

  • Moulded 10mm snap stub at the other end

  • Construction: 7 strands of copper tinsel with polyester core

  • One megaohm series resistor at snap end for safety

  • Snap stud also available in7mm and 4mm

Color: Sky Blue
Size: Adjustable and elastic to fit all
Application: Provide safe and reliable ground for personnel at work.
Wrist Strap Tester
Operates on AC or DC power. Use it to check wrist straps in production facilities, remote sites or field service locations. Easy-to-use Wrist Strap Tester checks the entire wrist strap system while it's being worn, or it can test the individual components to isolate faults. Powered by 9V lithium manganese battery or AC/DC adaptor (both included). Test voltage: 19V DC, ±1V (open circuit). Resistance: upper limit—10 megohms ±10%. Range: lower limit—750K ohms +20% with 0%. Includes 3M dual-lock, wall-mounting system.
Conductive Bins / Conductive boxes
We offer a wide array of conductive bins. These conductive bins are fabricated in varied specifications as per the requirements. These conductive bins are made from Polypropylene Co-polymer and included with stacking and louvre panels. Supra-Bins are designed to be stacked one on top of each other. These conductive bins are provided with strong rear lip to be used with louvred panels. These conductive bins are known for strong heavy duty due to reinforced base side and stacking rim. These bins are resistant to most industrial solvents. For clear access, these are provided with identification card holder slots. The louvre panels are made from Conductive Galvanized steel and come in four sizes including various types of stands and trolleys. Our Supra bins and Louvre Panels are available in following product codes
ESD Chair
  • Anti-static PU leather, available in blue and black.

  • Dimension:430*400mm(chair seat);400*300mm(chair back)

  • Height adjustable between about 440-600mm(supplied with 160mm adjustable pneumatic rod)

  • Surface resistance:103-106 or 106-109,System resistance<109

carbon steel chrome finishes star shaped foot, (on wheels); high strength and durable nylon castor; in built conductive metal chain.