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Dinnur, R.T.Nagar P.O.,
Bangalore-560 032. India.


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Products > Sticky Mat


Sticky Mat


  • Electronic precision industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Computer room

  • Semiconductor assembly room

  • Hospital operation room

  • Chemical, medical laboratories

  • The place where requires clean effect


  • Strong adhesiveness ensures collecting dust and particles of shoe soles and cart-wheel by passing over mat.

  • Mat is composed of 30 layers of disposable sheets.

  • Collected dust do not spread away.

  • Adhesive material is specially selected prevent from making any stain on the floor.

  • Polluted layer can easily peeled off.

  • Mat can be used with or without frame.

  • Mat can be easily replaced with new one after use on the frame.

  • Tapered frame enables easy traffic.

  • Mat has a good chemical, biological resistance.

  • Mat has adequate flexibility tender cushion and nice-feeling friction.


  • Clean and dry the floor before place frame.

  • Clean and dry the frame and place it on the floor.

  • Peel off the protective paper from STICKY MAT and place it on the frame.

  • Press protective mat surface firmly to the frame and peel of the protective surface.

  • Peel of the fully polluted surface and a new surface will be revealed peel off sheets one by one as polluted.

  • Red-colored mark indicates that less than three pages remained.

  • If you see this red mark, prepare new mat for replacing.

  • Replace with a new mat after using last sheet.