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Products > Industrial Tapes


Industrial Tapes

Manufacturing industry requires a wide range of Tapes for packing, floor marking, flexo printing, bundling and bonding, ceiling of ducts, covering, closing and reinforcing of shipping cartons, electrical insulation etc. We offer practically any tape required for the manufacturing industry.

The typical tapes available include:

  1. Floor marking tape – Yellow/Black, Red/White, Green/White etc.
    Typical Applications: Floor marking in commercial complexes, hospitals, factory shop floors, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industry etc.

  2. Flexo printing tapes – used in the printing industry

  3. Self adhesive tapes, heavy duty for bundling and strapping of heavy goods, securing pallets and transport industry applications.

  4. Electrical tapes

  5. Conductive Grid tapes

  6. Antistatic tapes – used in electronic industry

  7. Cloth tapes

  8. Foam tapes

  9. Kapton tapes and Double sided tapes

  10. Special application tapes

  11. Caution tapes and labels

Most tapes offered by us are speciality tapes beside the normal BOPP tapes. The tapes for special applications are imported from Taiwan, Germany and Singapore. We shall give you a tape for any specific application that you may have in the manufacturing process. Call our representative for discussion on your needs.